Ali Kenefick (Concordia) and Emilio Chapela (Plymouth)

Emilio Chapela
b. 1978 Mexico City
Chapela is a PhD candidate at the University of Plymouth, a visual artist and researcher with a background in science, sculpture and moving images. His work explores connections between science, technology and ecology through the art practice by examining notions of time and space as manifested through forces such as rivers, astronomical phenomena, light, gravity, rocks, plants, volcanoes. He has had several museum and gallery exhibitions in Mexico, USA and Europe. The most recent being at Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City in 2019, where he collaborated with architects, astronomers and scientists. He currently collaborates as senior research assistant at the University of Essex in the project, an online community coordinated through the arts dedicated to the wellbeing of bodies of water.
Alexandra Kenefick is a PhD Candidate at Concordia University, Montreal, in the independent interdisciplinary program, INDI. Her research focuses on the intersection of feminist Design and ethics in meat consumption/ production politics. With a Bachelor’s degree in communication design from Emily Carr University and a Master’s in the gastronomy of meat from the University of Gastronomic Sciences, her work emphasizes the materiality of meat through making and embodied experience and exposing meat’s complex narratives through feminist Design. This work seeks to expose the complicated relationships humans contend with meat and meat-animals, the divisions of power present in the commoditization of meat and the consumer landscape, and ultimately questions how humans can be response-able agents of mindful eating practices as part and as distinct from the industrial animal-agricultural complex. Through her scholarly and creative work, she hopes to spark deeper inquiry into the profound and contentious thing that is killing and eating other animals, and how the subtleties of individual response can persuade the momentum of great change.